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PinaLove is a website dedicated to helping people find dates in the Philippines. If you are looking for a Filipina partner, this could be a site for you. The website is simple to use and navigate, and is not cluttered with ads in pictures on its page. One of the only things you can do when first visiting the site is creating a new account.

One of the things that people like about PinaLove is its focus on Filipino people. Being a niche website, it is fantastic for people who are not looking for women from other Asian countries, and if people want to search other dating sites for people from other countries, they are obviously welcome to.

Site Features: 

The site is dedicated to its simplicity, meaning that it is straightforward to use. For people who are looking for fancy features and unique add-ons, there are not many here. There are a few basic features, like a search engine, and the website does offer the ability to search for men, women, and ladyboys.

There are many beautiful Filipina women on the site, and both people from the Philippines and foreigners utilize the site to find dates and partners.

Pricing / Hidden Fees: 

PinaLove allows people to upgrade their membership, with a monthly membership rate of $25 and multi-month packages offering much lower prices (per month) for significant savings.

User Benefits: 

The site allows you to browse potential matches, send mail to men, women, and ladyboys, and list people that you are interested in so you can find them easier later. The ability to save your favorite selections helps save a lot of time.

There is a filter available on the site, which allows you to choose between gender, age, city, whether they have photos, and a few other filtering options. There are a few different list options, including a block list for people that you don't want messaging you, comment control, profile visibility, and the ability to hide your profile from specific people. There are also premium options that help increase ease of use and visibility.

Drawbacks / Complaints: 

The website does not show the number of users that are online, and many of the profiles are short. The shortness of the profile might be because people in the Philippines are more likely to keep their personal information private, whereas other countries are more open with some of this information.

If you are a free member, you will only be able to talk to one person at a time. As always, there are some few scammers on dating websites, so take care with your personal information.


This site is designed for people who are only interested in meeting people from the Philippines or people from the Philippines who may be interested in meeting people outside of the Philippines. Some great filter options help you find people quickly, and there seems to be a lot of people online to interact with.