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AsianDate is an Asian dating website that has paired up large numbers of people. The majority of the members on AsianDate are based in Asia, but it is also fantastic for singles that are open to long-distance relationships. The site is a good value for its price, it is easy to use, and has high-quality members.

Signing up to AsianDate is free to do, and the website has over 4 million members. Having that many members is fantastic because the more members a site has, the higher likelihood of meeting an ideal dating match.

Site Features: 

If your type of women are of Asian descent, it stands that AsianDate is a site to consider. You get free access to millions of beautiful Asian women around the world, and signing up is simple. The profiles on the site are very detailed, which is something to look for in an Asian dating website.

This site goes pretty in-depth, allowing for photo galleries, uploading of videos, and one-on-one interviews to help introduce people to the members on the site. It can be easy to find people that are compatible when you have as much information about them as you get on AsianDate. Live chat and email are available, and there is a cam feature that you can get if you want to pay a little extra.

Pricing / Hidden Fees: 

A 20 minute live chat will cost three dollars, and all other forms of communication on the site also have fees. There is no monthly subscription cost, so you only pay for the conversation that you choose to do.

User Benefits: 

One of the most noticeable things about AsianDate is that the profiles for people on the site are very descriptive. Many of the top online dating websites are lacking in this category, so it is nice to see an Asian dating site with such robust profiles.

The majority of the members on the website are located in Thailand, China, and the Philippines. This is fantastic news for people who are interested in dating people in Asia from these countries.

One fantastic perk of the site is a feature that allows members to find Asian women in the United States, which is great for American users that want to find beautiful Asian ladies that are a little bit closer to home. There is also a “Date A Lady” feature that helps members set up face-to-face meetings with women on the site.

Drawbacks / Complaints: 

The majority of the members on this website are located in Thailand, China, and the Philippines, which could be considered a drawback to people looking for women from other countries. That said, there are women from other countries as well.

The website itself is very busy, with many flashing graphics and pop-ups. It can be a little bit overwhelming to some people.

Communicating with members on this website does cost money; people can spend as much or little as they want though.


AsianDate has a lot of incredibly appealing features and is a reliable site to join for people who are looking to date Asian ladies, whether they are located in the United States, Asia, or other places in the world.